Blog / Article Bounty

To participate in this bounty, follow the steps and rules and submit your claim below. These are the rewards:

ExcellentMDICE 450 MDICE


  1. Publish an article or press release in any blog, forum, news site, according to the Campaign Rules.
  2. Submit the required data below.
  3. Wait for admin approval to receive free MDICE.

campaign rules

  • Article must be original and published on a relevant website/forum releated to ICOs, cryptocurrency, investing, gambling,...
  • Include links to the Multidice ICO website in your article.
  • Sign the article with the same username/email of your Multidice account to prove your ownership.
  • Article must have accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Reward will depend on the quality of the article and relevance of the site where is published.
  • You can submit a maximum of 3 articles per user and ICO phase.
  • We won't approve the reward if the article doesn't have the minimum quality according to our criteria.