Youtube Video Bounty

To participate in this bounty, follow the steps and rules and submit your claim below. These are the rewards:

0-1999 viewsMDICE 50 MDICE
2000-9999 viewsMDICE 150 MDICE
10000-99999 viewsMDICE 450 MDICE
100000+ viewsMDICE 1350 MDICE


  1. Subscribe to our Youtube channel.
  2. Publish an original video according to the Campaign Rules.
  3. Submit the required data below.
  4. Wait for admin approval to receive free MDICE.

campaign rules

  • Video Length 2+ min. Good resolution and high quality.
  • Reward will depend on number of views of your video.
  • You can submit a maximum of 3 videos per user and ICO phase.
  • Include link to Multidice ICO website in the description of the video.
  • Include the email address of your Multidice account in your youtube profile or in the video description to prove your ownership.
  • Do not delete your the video until after the ICO ends.
  • Do not include any false or incorrect information.