Facebook Weekly Campaign

To participate in this bounty, follow the steps and rules and submit your claim below. These are the rewards:

100-499 friendsMDICE 10 MDICE/week
500-1999 friendsMDICE 20 MDICE/week
2000-9999 friendsMDICE 40 MDICE/week
10000-49999 friendsMDICE 80 MDICE/week
50000+ friendsMDICE 160 MDICE/week


  1. Follow and like our Facebook page.
  2. Like, share and comment posts from our official Facebook.
  3. Submit your weekly report below. Weeks start/end on Mondays 12:00 UTC.
  4. Wait for admin approval to receive free MDICE.

campaign rules

  • You must like, share and comment at least 3 posts from our official Facebook per week.
  • One reward per user and week while the ICO is open.
  • Do not delete your comments until after the ICO ends.
  • You must have a minimum of 100 friends.
  • Privacy settings for your account must be open.
  • Your account must be 3+ months old.
  • Any fake, inactive or bot accounts won't be accepted.